Extra Curricular Activities

The co-curricular activities at TIS aim to enhance and cultivate the overall development of our students. These activities form an integral part of the curriculum to help develop and bring forth the talent and creativity of our students. Performance in activities is given equal importance as in academics and sports. Such activities improve creativity, enhance confidence levels, inculcate discipline, enhance leadership qualities and abilities to stimulate the student to become a team player.

  • Badminton
    • This racquet sport provides agility, mobility, flexibility and joint lubrication that enables growth of a child.
  • Basket Ball
    • This game develops cardio vascular endurance, weight control and stress relief which are of prime importance for students.
  • Cricket
    • The full fledged netted cricket pitch allows aspiring cricketers to hone their skill and talent.
  • Chess
    • Enables brain development in the direction of analytical thinking, decision making and body language of the players.
  • Dance
    • (Both Western, Indian and Fusion) highlights rhythm, grace, expression and coordinated foot work, all of which expresses the joy and appreciation of our rich culture.
    • Indian Dance

      Western Dance

  • Music
    • (Both Indian and Western) develops appreciation for coordinated singing as well as individual talent development in playing a musical instrument.
  • Skating
    • The state of the art Skating rink lets the students experience the wonders of skating and helps them develop control over their movements while exercising with fun.
  • Swimming
    • An in-house professional pool maintains healthy weight, tones muscles, builds strength and provides an all over body workout.
  • Table Tennis
    • The full fledged Table Tennis area allows students to train for future endeavors and also serves as a regular sporting zone.
  • Volley Ball
    • This facility provides students an opportunity to learn and master this strenuous sport.
  • Flute Band
    • Develops a sense of accomplishment and honour in the life of a student.
  • Carrom
    • This board game helps in practising skills like counting, visual perception and bonding among students.
  • Football
    • This facility provides students an opportunity to learn and master this strenuous sport.